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Wedding Questionnaire

Number of guests:
What kind of venue will your wedding take place in?
What type of music set up would you like?
Will you require seperate music acts for the ceremony and reception?
Will the music act remain in the same area or play in two separate areas?
What will the music act play PRE-CEREMONY as guests are arriving and being seated?
What will the music act play during the PROCESSIONAL (wedding party, parents of bride/groom entrance)?
What will the music act play for the BRIDE ENTRY?
What will the music act play during the RECESSIONAL (as the bride and groom exit the ceremony)?
Do you want the music act to play during the RECEPTION?
Will the musician be required to make announcements? (Example, introduce bridal party; "time for father/daughter dance", "time to cut the cake", etc.)
Music Style

NOTE: For "typical" wedding RECEPTIONS our music acts play a wide variety of popular, well-known songs that span genres and eras that cater to diverse crowds, young and old.  They are very experienced playing weddings and know exactly the kinds of songs that work best for weddings.  With that in mind, please answer the questions below.  (Or leave blank if you trust the music act's judgment based off of their experience.)

Will there be a bride and groom's "FIRST DANCE"/WEDDING SONG?
How would you best describe the environment you think you'll have?

Thank you for your answers, please click the SUBMIT button below and we'll get right back in touch with you!

Thank you for submitting!

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