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Black Water
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Sizzle Reel

Ignited's television music subdivision is produced in partnership with Sonoton Music and is distributed domestically with APM Music and internationally by Sonoton.  We have licensed thousands of our songs for TV placement for theme songs, promos, and series beds on almost every major network including HBO, Netflix, History, ABC, FOX, CBS, CNN,

Check out our full television music library.

Featured Albums (TV)

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Love It Loud

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Force of Action

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Up All Night

Featured Libraries

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Latest Release

Vocalized was released by Ignited's trailer sub-label, All Is Quiet, and was co-produced with Pitch Hammer Music (Joker, Jurassic World, Black Panther). Vocalized features vocal stems of popular song lyrics performed in stunning detail.  AIQ also offers customized vocals, as well as full “cinematic” cover versions of any song with accompaniment.

Check out the Vocalized library.

Latest Placements

truTV Series "Those Who Can't)

UPtv Network Image Spot

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