Step 1: Submit Your W9

You can either print, fill out and submit a W9 and email it to using the blank W9 form to the right, or you can submit a W9 form online with this link.

Blank W9.

Step 2: Choose Direct Deposit or Check By Mail.

Direct Deposit Form

Check By Mail Form

You must choose to receive your pay by either Direct Deposit or Check by Mail.  Submit one of the forms below.

** Direct Deposits will process to your account on the Friday of the following week after your gig.  (The pay cycle runs Monday thru Sunday.  For example, any gigs played between “Monday, May 1” and “Sunday, May 7” are part of the same cycle and will be direct deposited to your account on Friday, May 13th.) There is a $.50 bank fee that is deducted off each paycheck that is direct deposited to a personal checking account.  (For direct deposits to a business checking account the bank fee is $3.00 per direct deposit.) 


Note: The banks sometimes take 1-2 weeks to process setting up your direct pay account for the first time, so depending on when you submit for direct deposit, your first pay may come by a mailed check.  (Please refer to the Check By Mail timeline to the right for when to expect your first check if it didn't process to your bank.)

** Checks by Mail will arrive within 6-12 business days after your gig.  The pay cycle runs Monday thru Sunday.  (For example, any gigs played between “Monday, May 1” and “Sunday, May 7” are part of the same cycle and you should expect to receive your check in the mail between May 15-17.) There is a $25 returned check fee if IEG has to re-cut a check because of artist negligence (ie, forgetting to inform IEG of an address change, etc.)  If 90 days pass and artist does not turn in paperwork to be paid, artist's pay is forfeited.  If artist submits their paperwork late, or AFTER their gig, they should expect their check within 5-10 business days after they submit their paperwork.


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